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Tuesday, May 8th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Sister Christine

a Bord de Paquebot la Champagne,
Friday morning, 9 a.m.,

3rd August 1900.

Dear Christina,

It is foggy this morning. We are in the channel--expect to reach [Le Havre] at 12 a.m. [noon]. It has been a very bad voyage--rolling and raining and dark nearly all the time. Terrible rolling all through. Only last night I had good sleep. On other occasions the rolling makes me sleep well, but this time I don't know what was the matter; the mind was so whirling. Anyway,

I am well and soon to reach land.

Hope to reach Paris this evening.

I send this to Detroit, expecting you there.

With all love and blessings,



To Mrs. Francis Leggett

[Swami Vivekananda sent the following telegram on Friday, August 3, 1900, when the S.S. Champagne (which he had boarded in New York on July 26) docked at Le Havre, France.]

[Postmarked: Friday, August 3, 1900]


[Translation: "I arrive at eight o'clock (p.m.) St. Lazare — VIVEKANANDA".]




To Swami Turiyananda

(Original in Bengali)


13th August, 1900.


I got your letter from California. So three persons are getting spiritual trances; well, it is not bad. Even out of that much good will come. Shri Ramakrishna knows! Let things happen as they will. His work He knows, you and I are but servants and nothing else.

I am sending this letter to San Francisco — care of Mrs. C. Panel. Just now I got some news from New York. They are well. Kali is on tour. Write in detail about your health and work in San Francisco. And don't be indifferent to the question of sending money to the Math. See that money goes certainly every month, from Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

I am on the whole doing well. I am shortly starting for England. I get news of Sharat. Recently he had an attack of dysentery. The rest are all well. This time few got malaria; nor is it so prevalent on the banks of the Ganga. This year, owing to the scarcity of rain, there is fear of famine in Bengal also.

By the grace of Mother, go on doing work, brother. Mother knows, and you know but I am off! Now I am going to take a rest.

Yours affectionately,



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