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Saturday, October 7th 2017

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Mrs. Ole Bull

228 W. 39th street
New York

the 3rd Jan. '96

Dear Mrs. Bull--

I have had a letter from Mr. Trine asking me to have some classes at the Procopeia in February. I do not see my way to go to Boston in February, however I may like it. I have given up for the present my plan of going to Detroit and Chicago in February.

Later on I will try. Miss [Josephine] Locke will see to my having classes in Chicago and I have some friends in Detroit. I may go to Baltimore for a few days in the meanwhile. I enjoyed my visit with the Leggetts exceedingly. It has braced me for further work. I am very well both physically and mentally.Wishing you a happy New Year,

I remain yours affectionately,





To Mrs. Charles (Mary) Funke

228 W. 39

the 6th Jan. 1896.


Many, many thanks for the sweet flowers. It recalls to me the beautiful times we had at the Thousand Islands and presages many such summer gatherings.

The work here had begun in right earnest, and we will advance it farther this year than in the last.

I am therefore uncertain as to the exact date of my coming to Detroit. I will come, however, very soon.

Yours ever in the Lord,



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