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Thursday, August 10th 2017

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

54 W 33 street
To Professor J.H. Wright
New York 
1st Feb 95
Dear Adhyapakji
You must be immersed in your work now, however taking advantage of your kindness to me I want to bother you a little.
What was the original Greek idea of the soul both philosophical and popular? What books can I consult (Translations of course) to get it?
So with the Egyptians & Babylonians & Jews?
Will you kindly name me the books? ...
Ever gratefully  & fraternally
19 W., 38 ST.,
     ...Meddle not with so-called social reform, for there cannot be any reform without spiritual reform first.  
Who told you that I want social reform?  Not I.  
Preach the Lord—say neither good nor bad about the superstitions and diets.  Do not lose heart, do not lose faith in your Guru, do not lose faith in God.  
So long as you possess these three, nothing can harm you, my child.  I am growing stronger every day.  
Work on, my brave boys.
Ever yours with blessings,
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