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Tuesday, December 6th 2016

12:05 AM

Daily Reading





23rd March, 1896.




     ...One of my new Sannyâsins is indeed a woman.  ... The others are men.  I am going to make some more in England and take them over to India with me.  


These "white" faces will have more influence in India than the Hindus; moreover, they are vigorous, the Hindus are dead.  The only hope of India is from the masses.  


The upper classes are physically and morally dead. ...


     My success is due to my popular style—the greatness of a teacher consists in the simplicity of his language.


     ...I am going to England next month. I am afraid I have worked too much; my nerves are almost shattered by this long-continued work.  I don't want you to sympathise, but only I write this so that you may not expect much from me now.  Work on, the best way you can.  


I have very little hope of being able to do great things now.  I am glad, however, that a good deal of literature has been created by taking down stenographic notes of my lectures. Four books are ready. 


...Well, I am satisfied that I have tried my best to do good, and shall have a clear conscience when I retire from work and sit down in a cave.


With love and blessings to all,






U. S. A.,


March, 1896.




     ...Push on with the work. I will do all I can...  If it pleases the Lord, yellow-garbed Sannyâsins will be common here and in England. Work on, my children.


     Mind, so long as you have faith in your Guru, nothing will be able to obstruct your way. That translation of the three Bhâshyas(commentaries) will be a great thing in the eyes of the Westerners.


     ...Wait, my child, wait and work on.  Patience patience. ...I will burst on the public again in good time...


Yours with love,







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