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Wednesday, December 25th 2019

3:56 AM

Daily Reading

To Rev. Haweis *

63 St George's Road, London SW

17th July (1896)

Dear Friend

Many many thanks for your very instructive book.

I have been going through a few pages already and have already learned a few great and beautiful lessons. One specially where you insist that the life of Lord Jesus is the only commentary to his teachings and whenever the teachings as recorded contradict the life we are sure that the record was wrong. That is wonderful insight and Keen reason. I am sure to read the book several times over and learn many a lesson. May the Lord speak through you long - for the world needs and never more than now, inspired souls like yourself.

Ever yours in the Lord.


* Not found in the Complete Works.



To Mrs. Ole Bull

63 St. George's Road, London

18th July '96

Dear Mrs. Bull,

I received your last note duly--and you already know my gratitude and love for you and that I perfectly agree with most of your ideas and work.

I did not understand, however, one point. You speak of Sturdy and myself being members. Members of what? I, as you well know, can not become a member of any society.

I am very glad to learn that you have been favourably impressed by Saradananda. There is one big mistake you are labouring under. What do you mean of [my] writing to my workers more confidentially and not to you? I seldom write to anyone--I have no time to write. I have no workers. Everyone is independent to work as one likes. I do not bother my head about these little things at all. I can give ideas--that is all; let people work them out any way they like, and Godspeed to all.

"He who works unattached to persons and giving up the fruits of work is a genuine worker"--Gita.

Yours Ever with love and gratitude,



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