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Monday, November 13th 2017

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Mrs. Ole Bull

Saas-Grund, Switzerland,

25th July, 1896.

Dear Mrs. Bull,

I want to forget the world entirely at least for the next two months and practise hard. That is my rest. . . . The mountains and snow have a beautifully quieting influence on me, and I am getting better sleep here than for a long time.

My love to all friends.

Yours etc.,




To Sister Christine

[Postmarked: Saas-Fee]


5th August 1896

Blessed and Beloved,

Surrounded on all sides by eternal snow peaks, sitting on the grass in a beautiful wood, my thoughts go to those I love--so I write.

I am in Switzerland--constantly on the move--getting a much needed rest. It is a miniature Himalayas, and has the same effect of raising the mind up to the Self and driving away all earthly feelings and ties. I am intensely enjoying it.

I feel so, so uplifted. I cannot write, but I wish you will have the same for ever--when your feet do not want, as it were, to touch the material earth--when the soul finds itself floating, as it were, in an ocean of spirituality.

Prof. Max Muller has written in the Nineteenth Century an article on my Master. Read it if you can--August number.I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer and are perfectly rested after hard work.

My love to all. Blessings to all.

Yours ever with love and blessings,


P.S. A few Alpine flowers growing almost in the midst of eternal snow I send you, praying that you may attain spiritual hardihood amidst all snows and ice of this life.



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