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Wednesday, August 16th 2017

12:05 AM

Daily Reading



U. S. A.,

2nd May, 1895.


     So you have made up your mind to renounce the world.  I have sympathy with your desire.  There is nothing so high as renunciation of self.  

But you must not forget that to forgo your own favourite desire for the welfare of those that depend upon you is no small sacrifice.  Follow the spotless life and teachings of Shri Ramakrishna and look after the comforts of your family.  

You do your own duty, and leave the rest to Him.

     Love makes no distinction between man and man, between an Aryan and a Mlechchha, between a Brāhmana and a Pariah, nor even between a man and a woman.  

Love makes the whole universe as one's own home. True progress is slow but sure. Work among those young men who can devote heart and soul to this one duty—the duty of raising the masses of India.  

Awake them, unite them, and inspire them with this spirit of renunciation; it depends wholly on the young people of India.

     Cultivate the virtue of obedience, but you must not sacrifice your own faith.  No centralisation is possible unless there is obedience to superiors.  

No great work can be done without this centralisation of individual forces.  The Calcutta Math is the main centre; the members of all other branches must act in unity and conformity with the rules of that centre.

     Give up jealousy and conceit.  Learn to work unitedly for others.  This is the great need of our country.

Yours with blessings,



To Francis Leggett

May 4

Dear Friend,

Many thanks for your kind present. The cigars are indeed delicious and a hundred times so as coming from you.

With everlasting love and regards,


I remain yours truly,




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