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Tuesday, August 16th 2016

12:29 AM

Daily Reading



In a postscript to a letter from Chicago, dated June 20, 1895, Swamiji had written to Shri Haridas Viharidas Desai, Dewan of Junagadh


P.S. I would ask a favour of you. I am going off now to N.Y. This family [the Hales] have sheltered me all the time and loved me as their son-and that in spite of the calumny of our countrymen and their own priests and that I came to them without any credentials or introductions or anything of that sort.


I would like to make them a little present-if you can send me some beautiful rugs made in Agra or Lahore-2 or 3 pieces-they are very fond of Indian rugs for their floors. It is a great luxury. There is one difficulty-the Americans allow nothing in without taxing duty. 


Perhaps the consul at Bombay can make it come free by permitting it as a present to friends-if not you may send them over-I will pay the duty here. If they are too expensive, I do not care to have. 






19 W. 38TH ST.,



22nd June, 1895




     I will write you a whole letter instead of a line. I am glad you are progressing.  You are mistaken in thinking that I am not going to return to India; I am coming soon.  


I am not giving to failures, and here I have planted a seed, and it is going to become a tree, and it must. Only I am afraid it will hurt its growth if I give it up too soon. ...


     Work on, my boy. Rome was not built in a day.  I am guided by the Lord, so everything will come all right in the end.


     With my love ever and ever to you,


Yours sincerely,






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