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Thursday, June 15th 2017

12:05 AM

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1st June, 1897.




     The objections you show about the Vedas would be valid if the word Vedas meant Samhitâs.  The word Vedas includes the three parts, the Samhitâs, the Brâhmanas, and the Upanishads, according to the universally received opinion in India.  


Of these, the first two portions, as being the ceremonial parts, have been nearly put out of sight; the Upanishads have alone been taken up by all our philosophers and founders of sects.


     The idea that the Samhitâs are the only Vedas is very recent and has been started by the late Swami Dayânanda.  This opinion has not got any hold on the orthodox population.


     The reason of this opinion was that Swâmi Dayânanda thought he could find a consistent theory of the whole, based on a new interpretation of the Samhitâs, but the difficulties remained the same, only they fell back on the Brâhmanas.  


And in spite of the theories of interpretation and interpolation a good deal still remains.


     Now if it is possible to build a consistent religion on the Samhitâs, it is a thousand times more sure that a very consistent and harmonious faith can be based upon the Upanishads, and moreover, here one has not to go against the already received national opinion.  


Here all the Âchâryas(Teachers) of the past would side with you, and you have a vast scope for new progress.


     The Gita no doubt has already become the Bible of Hinduism, and it fully deserves to be so; but the personality of Krishna has become so covered with haze that it is impossible today to draw any life-giving inspiration from that life.  


Moreover, the present age requires new mode of thought and new life.


     Hoping this will help you in thinking along these lines.


I am yours with blessings,






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