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Friday, May 4th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Sister Nivedita


2nd July, 1900.


. . . Mother knows, as I always say. Pray to Mother. It is hard work to be a leader one must crush all one's own self under the feet of the community. . . .

Yours etc.,



To Mrs. Alice (Shanti) Hansbrough

102 E. 58th Street

New York

3rd July 1900

My dear Mrs. Hansbrough--

This is to introduce Swami Turiyananda. The lady who gave the piece of land for Vedanta work belongs to Los Angeles. She has taken Turiyananda with her. He is a great spiritual teacher--but has no experience in platform work.

The best thing would be to help him to start a centre for quiet and rest and meditation in the land near San Jose.

With all love to the holy Trinity.

Ever yours in the Lord,




To Sister Christine

[On July 3, 1900, before departing for Detroit with Swami Turiyananda and Miss Minnie Boock, Swami Vivekananda dispatched a telegram.]

[Postmarked: New York

July 3, 1900]

Started reach tomorrow Wednesday 2 p.m. Come station Wabash.

Swami Vivekananda


To Miss Mary Hale

102 E. 58TH STREET,


11th July, 1900.


I was glad to get your note as also to learn that you were going to Greenacre. Hope you will have much profit.

I have been much censured by everyone for cutting off my long hair. I am sorry. You forced me to do it.

I had been to Detroit and came back yesterday. Trying as soon as possible to go to France, thence to India.

Very little news here; the work is closed. I am taking regularly my meals and sleeping — that is all.

Ever faithful and loving brother,


PS. Write to the girls to send my mails, if any, at Chicago.



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