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Thursday, May 19th 2016

12:05 AM

Daily Reading



[Letter to The Maharaja of Khetri]


U. S. A.,


9th July, 1895.


... About my coming to India, the matter stands thus.  I am, as your Highness well knows, a man of dogged perseverance.  I have planted a seed in this country; it is already a plant, and I expect it to be a tree very soon, I have got a few hundred followers.  


I shall make several Sannyâsins, and then I go to India, leaving the work to them.  The more the Christian priests oppose me, the more I am determined to leave a permanent mark on their country. ...I have already some friends in London.  I am going there by the end of August. 


...This winter anyway has to be spent partly in London and partly in New York, and then I shall be free to go to India.  There will be enough men to carry on the work here after this winter if the Lord is kind.  Each work has to pass through these stages— ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance.  


Each man who thinks ahead of his time is sure to be misunderstood.  So opposition and persecution are welcome, only I have to be steady and pure and must have immense faith in God, and all these will vanish. ...







[Letter to Francis Leggett]





31st July, 1895.




     I wrote you before this a letter, but as I am afraid it was not posted carefully, I write another.


     I shall be in time before the 14th.  I shall have to come to New York before the 11th anyway.  So there will be time enough to get ready.


     I shall go with you to Paris, for my principal object in going with you is to see you married.  When you go away for a trip, I go to London.  That is all.


     It is unnecessary to repeat my everlasting love and blessings for you and yours.


Ever your son,




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