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Sunday, March 25th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Mrs. Leggett


26th Nov., 1899.


Many, many thanks for all your kindness and especially the kind note. I am going to start from Chicago on Thursday next, and got the ticket and berth ready for that day.

Miss Noble is doing very well here, and working her way out. I saw Alberta the other day. She is enjoying every minute of her stay here and is very happy. Miss Adams (Jane Adams), as ever is an angel.

I shall wire to Joe Joe before I start and read all night. 

With all love to Mr. Leggett and yourself,

Ever yours affectionately,



To Mrs. Ole Bull


30 November 1899

My dear Dhira Mata--

I am going to leave this place tonight. They have given me a new trunk--a big one. The Maspero book 142 is with me, only the second volume. The first volume must be in Boston. Kindly send it c/o Jo e [Miss Josephine MacLeod].

They have been very kind. Madame [Emma] Calv came to see me day before yesterday. She is a great woman.

I have nothing to write here except that Margo [Sister Nivedita] is doing very well, except some people were complaining last night that she frightened them with her assertion that Swami can not make mistakes!!!

Hope things are going on with you very well. This is in haste. I write in length from California.

Ever your son,


My love to Mrs. [Olea] Vaughn.


To Mrs. Leggett


30th Nov., 1899.


Nothing new — except Madame Calvé's visit. She is a great woman. I wish I saw more of her. It is a grand sight to see a giant pine struggling against a cyclone. Is it not?

I leave here tonight. These lines in haste as A__ is waiting. Mrs. Adams is kind as usual. Margot doing splendidly. Will write more from California.

With all love to Frankincense, 

Ever your son,



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