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Saturday, March 17th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Sister Christine

Rdgely Manor,

30th October 1899.

My dear Christina,

Did you not get my last letter? I am very anxious to know how you are. Write a line to tell me you are in very good health.

I am afraid the previous one was misdirected, so I send this c/o Mrs. Funkey [Funke].

Do write soon. I am thinking of Battle Creek food.  Baby insists on that. Do you think it will do me any good? Write soon.

Ever yours in the Lord,


PS--Where is this Battle Creek? Is it near Detroit? I am seriousl y thinking of giving it a trial. I am not bad, but unfit for any exertion, even for a walk. This sort of life is no good to live. I [will] try Battle Creek, and if that fails, get out quick.


Write me about Battle Creek.




To Sister Nivedita


1st Nov., 1899.


. . . It seems there is a gloom over your mind. Never mind, nothing is to last for ever. Anyhow life is not eternal. I am so, so thankful for it.

Suffering is the lot of the world's best and bravest — yet, for aeons yet — till things are righted; if possible, here — at least it is a discipline which breaks the dream. In my sane moments I rejoice for my sufferings.

Some one must suffer here; — I am glad it is I, amongst others of nature's sacrifices.

Yours etc.,



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