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Tuesday, February 21st 2017

12:05 AM

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[Letter to Mr. F. Leggett]





18th June, 1895.




     A letter reached me from Mrs. Sturges the day before she left, including a cheque for $50.  It was impossible to make the acknowledgement reach her the next day; so I take this opportunity to ask you the favour of sending her my thanks and acknowledgement in your next to her.


     We are having a nice time here except, as an old Hindu proverb says, that "a pestle must pound even if it goes to heaven".  I have to work hard all the same.  I am going to Chicago in the beginning of August.  When are you starting?


     All our friends here send their respects to you. Hoping you all bliss and joy and health, and ever praying for the same.


I remain, yours affectionately,






In a postscript to a letter from Chicago, dated June 20, 1895, Swamiji had written to Shri Haridas Viharidas Desai, Dewan of Junagadh


P.S. I would ask a favour of you. I am going off now to N.Y. This family [the Hales] have sheltered me all the time and loved me as their son-and that in spite of the calumny of our countrymen and their own priests and that I came to them without any credentials or introductions or anything of that sort.I would like to make them a little present-if you can send me some beautiful rugs made in Agra or Lahore-2 or 3 pieces-they are very fond of Indian rugs for their floors. It is a great luxury. There is one difficulty-the Americans allow nothing in without taxing duty. Perhaps the consul at Bombay can make it come free by permitting it as a present to friends-if not you may send them over-I will pay the duty here. If they are too expensive, I do not care to have. 






19 W. 38TH ST.,



22nd June, 1895




     I will write you a whole letter instead of a line. I am glad you are progressing.  You are mistaken in thinking that I am not going to return to India; I am coming soon.  I am not giving to failures, and here I have planted a seed, and it is going to become a tree, and it must. Only I am afraid it will hurt its growth if I give it up too soon. ...


     Work on, my boy. Rome was not built in a day.  I am guided by the Lord, so everything will come all right in the end.


     With my love ever and ever to you,


Yours sincerely,







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