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Monday, February 20th 2017

12:05 AM

Daily Reading





14th May, 1895.




     ...Now I have got a hold on New York, and I hope to get a permanent body of workers who will carry on the work when I leave the country. Do you see, my boy, all this newspaper blazoning is nothing?  I ought to be able to leave a permanent effect behind me when I go: and with the blessings of the Lord it is going to be very soon... Men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world.


     You need not worry about me. The Lord is always protecting me.  My coming to this country and all my labours must not be in vain.


     The Lord is merciful, and although there are many who try to injure-me any way they can, there are many also who will befriend me to the last.  Infinite patience, infinite purity, and infinite perseverance are the secret of success in a good cause.


Ever yours with blessings,






To Mrs Bull



The 28th May'95


Dear Mother


Your last kind letter to hand. This week will be the last of my classes. I am going next Tuesday with Mr. Leggett to Maine. He has a fine lake and a forest there. I will be two or three weeks there. From thence I go to the Thousand Islands. Also I have an invitation to speak at a parliament of religions at Toronto Canada on July 18th. I will go there from Thousand Islands and return back.


So far everything is going on well with me


Ever your grateful son




P.S. My regards & love to your daughter and pray for her speedy recovery'" 





To Mrs. Bull


4th June'95


Dear Mother


Today I leave New York at 5 p. m. by steamer with Mr. Leggett.


The classes were closed on Saturday last [June 1] and so far the work has been very successful, no small part of which is due to you.


Ever praying for you & yours


I am ever your Son




P.S. I will acquaint you with my whereabouts as soon as I know it myself.





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