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Monday, February 19th 2018

12:05 AM

Daily Reading

To Shri Haripada Mitra

(Original in Bengali)


16th October, 1898.


In Kashmir my health has completely broken down, and I have not witnessed the Durga-Puja for the last nine years; so I am starting for Calcutta.

I have for the present given up the plan of going to America. I think I shall have plenty of time to go to Karachi during the winter.

My brother-disciple Saradananda will send Rs. 50/- from Lahore to Karachi. Don't yield to sorrow — everything is in God's hands. Certainly I won't go anywhere this year without meeting all of you. 

My blessings to all.

Yours affectionately,




To Maharaja of Khetri


16th October, 1898.


The letter that followed my wire gave the desired information; therefore I did not wire back about my health in reply to yours.

This year I suffered much in Kashmir and am now recovered and going to Calcutta direct today. For the last ten years or so I have not seen the Puja of Shri Durgâ in Bengal which is the great affair there. I hope this year to be present.

The Western friends will come to see Jaipur in a week or two. If Jagamohan be there, kindly instruct him to pay some attention to them and show them over the city and the old arts

I leave instructions with my brother Saradananda to write to Munshiji before they start for Jaipur

How are you and the Prince? Ever as usual praying for your welfare,

I remain yours affectionately,


PS. My future address is Math, Belur, Howrah Dist. Bengal.


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