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Monday, January 16th 2017

12:05 AM

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[Letter to Mrs. Ole Bull]




14th June, 1902.




     ...In my opinion, a race must first cultivate a great respect for motherhood, through the sanctification and inviolability of marriage, before it can attain to the ideal of perfect chastity.  


The Roman Catholics and the Hindus, holding marriage sacred and inviolate, have produced great chaste men and women of immense power.  


To the Arab, marriage is a contract or a forceful possession, to be dissolved at will, and we do not find there the development of the idea of the virgin or the Brahmacharin.  


Modern Buddhism—having fallen among races who had not yet come up to the evolution of marriage—has made a travesty of monasticism.  


So until there is developed in Japan a great and sacred ideal about marriage(apart from mutual attraction and love), I do not see how there can be great monks and nuns.  


As you have come to see that the glory of life is chastity, so my eyes also have been opened to the necessity of this great sanctification for the vast majority, in order that a few lifelong chaste powers may be produced. ...


     I wanted to write many things, but the flesh is weak. 


..."Whosoever worships me, for whatsoever desire, I meet him with that." ...







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